5 Free Crochet Home Decor Patterns

You might be in search of different kinds of crochet home decor patterns if you have been tired with old and boring decorating ideas then you will be pleased after watching this exciting and gorgeous list of free crochet home decor patterns. This list is loaded with a lot of stunning but easy to make crochet wall hanging, crochet plant decorating ideas, crochet coaster patterns, and much more. This list of free crochet home decor patterns is specially designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of crocheting as well as beneficial for advanced crocheters who want to bring some versatility in their crocheting skills.

So, make your home most beautiful and add a crafty touch to it this spring and Easter holiday with these colorful crochet rainbow pattern and crochet Easter egg patterns.

Boho Rainbow Crochet Home Decor Pattern:

Boho Rainbow Crochet Pattern

You can use any weight yarn to make this crochet boho rainbow pattern. If you’re an exciting type of crocheter and always look for something new and stunning crochet home decor patterns, then you’ll indeed have to try this crochet boho rainbow pattern. Playing with different colored DK weight yarn is a quite fun activity. For more information about the construction of this crochet rainbow boho pattern, click on the below link.


Succulents Crochet Decor Pattern:

Succulents Decor Crochet Pattern

Have you ever tried the succulent crocheted accessories as crochet home decor patterns? If not, try this succulents crochet decor pattern to make something unique and beautiful for your home. For beginners, it will be a perfect project to examine new stitches and a step towards advanced crocheting. We’ll suggest you the worsted weight lily sugar cream solids & denim yarn and (g) sized crochet hook for this crochet project.


Amigurumi Easter Egg Crochet Pattern:

Amigurumi Easter Egg Crochet Pattern

For the coming Easter’s decoration, try this amigurumi Easter egg pattern. It looks incredible in the combination of different colors. If you’re fond of decorating your home with the handmade accessory, then it will be a perfect choice for you. It gives such a unique appearance to any bedroom or lounge table. Make this crochet amigurumi Easter egg pattern for your use and to gift your beloved ones for Easter. To get more information about it, follow the below link.


Easter Bunny Crochet Decor Pattern:Easter Bunny Decoration Crochet Pattern

Looking for a small and beautiful crochet project for decorating home and gift-giving? Try this easter bunny decoration pattern, its quite more tolerant and less time-consuming design perfect for hanging on the wall and for giving as a gift for Easter. Take the fingering weight Scheepjes Catona yarn and (3mm) crochet hook to do this beautiful little crochet project. You can also follow the below link for more info.


Fall Leafy Banner Crochet Home Pattern:

Fall Leafy Banner Crochet Pattern

Beautiful crocheted stars hanging on a rope of yarn looks incredible. If you change your home decoration after some days regularly, you’ll find this crochet home decor idea beneficial. You will need to have just some yards Aran weight-red heart super saver solids yarn and an (h) sized crochet hook. And you could easily crochet some beautiful leaves stars and other shapes for your home’s decor. You can also use the leftover pieces of yarn from other projects to make this crochet home decor pattern.


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