Free Crochet Summer Cardigan Patterns

Brighten up your wardrobe with these Free Crochet Summer Cardigan Patterns in the hot season if you are a great wisher to wear double layering garment in the summer season too. So, these Free Crochet Summer Cardigan Patterns are perfect for you. You will watch the fabulous and fantastic designs of crochet cardigan patterns in this list of Free Crochet Summer Cardigan Patterns. These all are made by using the combination of soft and bright colours! So, increase your beauty with these cute crochet summer cardigan patterns. These patterns use single, double, slip, chain, and many other crochet stitches. So, get started to make these gorgeous patterns without wasting time and money!

Mid Summer Cardigan Crochet Pattern:

Mid Summer Cardigan Crochet Pattern

On a sunny day, when you want to cover up your body with the loose and lightweight dresses, then you will surely like to wear this Mid Summer Cardigan Crochet Pattern. This crochet pattern explains the beauty of off white colour as well as you can wear this over cardigan anytime. This pattern uses half sleeves, but you can change the size of the sleeves according to your desire and choice. Use 6mm J hook as well as #3 lightweight/DK yarn, Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend in Whipped Cream. And measuring tape, Yarn needle, Stitch markers, and scissors to make this crochet pattern.


Isle Cardigan Summer Free Crochet Pattern:

Summer Isle Cardigan Crochet Pattern

This Summer Isle Cardigan Crochet Pattern is perfect to wear in the hotty season when you want to wear a colourful dress. If you are new in the world of crocheting and want to learn the fundamental rules of crocheting this pattern is perfect for you. You will indeed feel comfortable after wearing this airy and lightweights costume. Bunches of Hugs is the brand of thread that is basic for this crochet pattern.


Luv’n Crochet Summer Cardigan Pattern:

Summer Luv'n Cardigan Crochet Pattern

This Luv’n  Crochet Summer Cardigan Pattern can fill up your wish when you want to wear something fittingness. The usage of red colour in this crochet cardigan pattern makes it cuter and more likeable. If you are not satisfied with the use of this colour, then you can change the scheme of colours according to your choice. Use Wool and the Gang Tina Tape to make this crochet pattern and click down for the knowledge about the stitches.


Blossoming Beauty Cardigan Crochet Pattern:

Blossoming Beauty Crochet Pattern

Feel fluffy, comfortable, and calm by wearing this Blossoming Beauty Cardigan Crochet Pattern. This pattern is made with the use of soft colour, but you can replace it with the use of dark colours. You will surely like to wear this asymmetrical dress that is fabulous in design. You would have to require DROPS COTTON MERINO from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B), 650-750-900-950 g colour 28, powder to make this full-sleeved crochet cardigan!


Sweet Summer Ruana Crochet Pattern:

Sweet Summer Ruana Crochet Pattern

You will watch the beautification of black color in this Sweet Summer Ruana Crochet Pattern. This crochet cute cardigan pattern is valid to wear casually and officially. You will observe the clear difference in your beautification after wearing this crochet pattern. You will need S/M: 1233 yards (9 skeins of Paintbox), L/XL: 1507 yards (11 skeins of Paintbox), 2XL/3XL: 2077 yards to make this plan. There are no restrictions of colors for you, and you can change the colors according to your choice if you want!


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