10 Crochet Triceratops Patterns For Dino Fans

10 Crochet Triceratops Patterns For Dino Fans

Crochet Triceratops patterns are perfect for dinosaur fans and crochet lovers, offering an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With complex detailing and vibrant colors, these Triceratops patterns capture the spirit of these majestic creatures, complete with their iconic horns and frills. These gorgeous patterns breathe life into a prehistoric era, allowing your crochet hooks to walk free in the land of dinosaurs.

Crochet Triceratops Patterns

10 Crochet Triceratops Patterns

Whether you’re crocheting a cuddly companion for a dino-loving child or a centerpiece for your home, these crochet Triceratops patterns will surely spark creativity and delight. You can make admirable amigurumi, baskets, crochet lovey, and more by getting inspiration from these fun crochet triceratops patterns. So, what are you waiting for? Get the supplies in hand, follow our guidelines, and you can easily whip up various Triceratops for making cute stuffed toys to charming home decorations.

How To Crochet Dinosaur Horns?

Horn is the main characteristic of any crochet dinosaur, and it must have been super cute and fun, so be concise while crocheting it.

  • Gather materials: Choose your desired yarn color and a suitable crochet hook, scissors, a yarn needle, and soft filling for stuffing the horn.
  • Create a foundation chain: Make a slipknot and chain a few stitches, usually 2-4, depending on the pattern.
  • Form a circle: Slip stitch into the first chain to create a small circle, which will be the base of the horn.
  • Work in rounds: Begin crocheting in rounds, placing single crochet stitches into the circle.
  • Increase stitches: To shape the horn, gradually increase the number of stitches in each round according to the pattern.
  • Decrease stitches: As you approach the tip of the horn, start decreasing stitches to create a tapered effect.
  • Stuff the horn: Fill it with soft stuffing as you crochet, ensuring it maintains its shape.
  • Finish the horn: Once it reaches the desired length and shape, cut the yarn and fasten it off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Crochet Mini Triceratops Amigurumi

Mini Triceratops Amigurumi

The very first pattern of our collection is the Crochet Mini Amigurumi Pattern, a charming design perfect for crocheters of all skill levels. This adorable pattern offers a fun and accessible way to create miniature Triceratops amigurumi. With its easy-to-follow instructions and manageable size, beginners can confidently take on this project. You will experience the joy of bringing a tiny dino companion to life. The charming design makes it a perfect gift for young and old dinosaur lovers.

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Crochet Triceratops Dinosaur Basket

Triceratops Dinosaur Basket

Express your creativity with the most enchanting crochet creation ever – the Crochet Triceratops Dinosaur Basket Pattern! This beautiful design is perfect for dino-loving crocheters who desire a touch of prehistoric magic in their homes. Crocheted with love and imagination, this one-of-a-kind basket pattern is functional and a delightful conversation starter. Imagine the awe on your friends’ faces when they see this charming dino basket adorning your home!

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Crochet Triceratops Amigurumi

Triceratops Amigurumi

Step into the Dino Wonderland with the Crochet Triceratops Amigurumi Pattern, perfect for those who dream of creating their prehistoric buddy with a touch of crochet magic. This delightful pattern is easy to follow, making it a joy for crocheters of all levels to craft their unique Triceratops amigurumi. The winning design is an adorable playmate for little dino fans and a charming addition to your crochet collection.

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Tanner Crochet Triceratops

Tanner The Triceratops

Welcome to this crochet Tanner The Triceratops pattern, the most adorable beginner-friendly dinosaur amigurumi you’ll ever meet! His charming size is 10 inches tall when sitting and 13 inches when standing. Tanner is the perfect crochet companion for dino lovers of all ages. It is crocheted using simple techniques like working in the round and sewing pieces together at the end. Plus, with a touch of embroidery to create his cute little nails, this delightful dino amigurumi will surely capture hearts and spark the imagination.

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Hug Me Triceratops Crochet Lovey

Hug Me Triceratops Lovey

The Crochet Hug Me Triceratops Lovey Pattern is a pleasant creation perfect for crocheters of all skill levels! This charming pattern combines the cuddly appeal of a lovey blanket with the irresistible cuteness of a Triceratops, making it an ideal gift for little ones or anyone who adores dinosaurs. The detailed instructions ensure that even beginners can confidently create this enchanting piece, while experienced crocheters will appreciate its delightful design. With this Triceratops Lovey Pattern, your heart will be filled with love, comfort, and creativity, resulting in a treasured keepsake that will be cherished for years.

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Mini Tanner Crochet Triceratops

Mini Tanner the Triceratops

This beautiful crochet pattern allows you to create a smaller, more portable version of Tanner. It will be perfect for small hands or as a cute accessory for your home or workspace. The Mini Tanner pattern is designed to make it accessible to crocheters of all skill levels. With its clear and simple instructions, even novice crocheters can confidently crochet this beautiful creation, while seasoned artisans will appreciate the adorable design.

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Crochet Triceratops


Let’s start a crochet adventure with the Crochet Mini Tanner the Triceratops Pattern and experience the joy of bringing this lovable little dino to life. This fun and creative crochet Triceratops pattern requires just a few simple materials. Like worsted weight yarn in three captivating colors, a trusty G crochet hook, and a pair of 12 mm safety eyes to bring your dino buddy to life. You’ll need soft and squishy Poly-Fil for a huggable finish, and handy stitch markers to keep your progress on track.

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Strawberry Tanner The Triceratops

Strawberry Tanner amigurumi

Are you feeling a little nervous about your crochet skills? Fear not! Our Strawberry Tanner The Triceratops Pattern is designed, and I hope you’ll like it. Making it an absolute treat for beginners and seasoned crocheters alike. This delightful pattern, featured exclusively on our blog, is perfect for crocheters who adore all things cute, colorful, and creative. With its glamorous strawberry hues and charming details, this dino will surely steal the hearts of everyone who sees it!

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Crochet Trevor Triceratops

Trevor amigurumi pattern

Our Crochet Trevor Triceratops Pattern is crocheted with simplicity and clarity to make it best for beginners. With its stunning design and charming details, Trevor Triceratops is destined to become everyone’s favorite dino buddy. Follow these simple instructions, and you’ll be ready to bring your Trevor Triceratops to life. Your Trevor Triceratops is just a few stitches away from spreading happiness and wonders to all who encounter this lovable little dino.

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Faux Taxidermy Crochet Triceratops

Faux Taxidermy amigurumi

Add a touch of whimsy and charm to your child’s space with these cute crochet faux Triceratops. This fun project is perfect for rubbing your single crochet, working in the round, and surface slip stitch techniques while creating a unique and fascinating piece of wall décor. Personalize it with your child’s favorite colors or select shades that complement their bedroom or playroom. The pattern is best to use a handy stitch key for those who learn best visually.

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