72 Free Crochet Basket Patterns For Storage And Style

Crochet basket patterns are one way to get your creative juices flowing. They’re an excellent way to use yarn scrap pieces and old crocheting projects you’ve gotten tired of. Once you have mastered the basic stitches and know how to change colors, put your creativity to use by making baskets in different sizes and shapes and with different handles or even flower embellishes. While there are a lot of crochet baskets in the world, this post focuses on free online patterns. This means you’ll get instructions to view online, step-by-step tutorials, and even videos! Love making baskets but have no one special to give them to? Crochet baskets are an inexpensive way to organize your home. Here are 72 free crochet basket patterns you can get on the hook!

Crochet Basket Patterns:

Free Crochet Basket Patterns

Why you should hook up crochet baskets!

Here are 10 reasons (in random order) why you might want to crochet a basket: made from natural materials, creative and virtually limitless with design and color possibilities, durable and reasonably priced. All these reasons are good for you to crochet a basket and use it in various activities, such as holding laundry and placing things under the bed or in the closet. They are addictive! Once you have started crocheting your baskets, you’ll wonder why you bought them. I mean, they are quick and relatively cheap to make.

Materials you will need to get closer!

The most common supplies are:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Crochet hook
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle

Stitches, you will need to know to crochet a basket pattern!

  • Increases and decreases
  • Single crochet
  • double crochet
  • work in circle
  • Cluster Stitch
  •  Crocheting with multiple strands
  • While some use chevron or bobble stitches

Using different yarns, stitch textures, designs, and sizes, they make a beautiful collection of crochet basket patterns to make your home well-organized. And I am so excited to share this excellent list of free crochet basket patterns with you. So, let’s peek and find your favorite patterns and ideas from this mind-blowing list!

You Can See Also:

Big And Little Basket Set

Big And Little Basket Set

Big and Little Crochet Basket Set is a fantastic crochet project offering a mix of style and functionality for any home or office. Using plush yarns like Plush Big, these baskets are not only luxurious and soft but also durable and versatile. The selection of colours and sturdy handles give them a premium look that is sure to add charm. The pattern gives two size variants, perfect for storing everything from art supplies to yarn. The pattern is designed with simplicity in mind, making it suitable for crocheters at any skill level. With comprehensive instructions and optional handle covers, this set is a rewarding make for organizing in style.


  •  5 sts x 4 rows = 4″/10 cm in hdc with Bernat Plush Big and larger hook

Sizes (approximate):

  • Large: approx 10.5″ long, 9.5″ wide, 5.5″ tall
  • Small: 7.5″ long, 7.5″ wide, 5″ tall


Xl Crochet Color Block Basket

Xl Crochet Color Block Basket

The XL Crochet Color Block Basket is a cozy and large basket made with soft, thick yarn. It’s perfect for holding yarn, pillows, toys, and even baby items like diapers. This basket is sturdy but can be easily shaped by hand. Made with four colours Vintage White, Gold, Clay, and Blue Spruce – it’s both stylish and practical. The pattern is designed for those with some crochet experience and includes video help for learners. You can make it bigger or smaller to fit your space. It’s a fun project that adds a homemade touch to any room.


  • approx – approximately
  • beg – beginning
  • blo – back loop only
  • ch(s) – chain/chains
  • rnd(s) – round/rounds
  • sc – single crochet
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • st(s) – stitch/stitches


Basket Circle

Basket Circle

Do you know that crafting a basket from T-shirt yarn is as simple as this crochet pattern suggests? This design yields a tall basket with extended sides, perfect for accommodating all of your yarn hooks and stationery, whether for your office or your child’s study table. While a dark colour suits any decor seamlessly, choosing a hue that matches your personal theme can add a customized touch. So, how about creating one of these special items for someone dear to you?

  • 6.0 mm (J)

  • 25 – 50 yards (23 – 46 m)


Toadstool Treasure Basket

Toadstool Treasure Basket

The Toadstool Treasure Basket is a large, delightful crochet basket that stands out with its cute toadstool designs. It has a lot of space for storing items and comes with handy handles for easy carrying. The colours used are usually inspired by the forest, adding to its charm. The toadstool decorations which were made separately and then sewn can also be used for other embellishments. Not just a simple accessory, this well-made basket is both practical and stylish, perfect for keeping special treasures.


  • Approx 10” 25.5 cm diameter x 12” 30.5 cm high.


Checkered Basket

Checkered Basket

Just imagine how cute it would be to see plants peeking out from a crochet basket, adding a cozy touch to your room. The Checkerboard Crochet Basket Pattern fuses practicality with a chic aesthetic. Crafted with bulky yarn, this basket is worked in the round, starting from the bottom and ascending in a solid hue. The design introduces a striking checkerboard motif along the sides via strategic colour switches. Its upper rims are finely closed off, ensuring a durable structure. Measuring approximately 12 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height, this isn’t merely a storage solution; it’s a stylish addition to any room.


  • Beg = Beginning
  • Ch = Chain(s)
  • Hdc = Half double crochet
  • Pat = Pattern
  • Rep = Repeat
  • Rnd(s) = Round(s)
  • RS = Right side
  • Sc = Single crochet
  • Sl st = Slip stitch
  • Sp(s) = Space(s)
  • St(s) = Stitch(es)
  • Tog = Together
  • WS = Wrong sid


Easy Oval Nesting Baskets

Oval Nesting Baskets

Follow this Crochet Oval Nesting Basket Pattern to make loveable additions to your home decor and make admirable storage options. You can make these baskets in various sizes with a bit of practice. The pattern includes 8 pages of detailed instructions, pictures, and a handy guide for adding stripes, colorwork, or a unique design to your creation! Using just two shades of fabric, you can choose your favorite shades, use a color combination that matches your space, or select the yarn you want to use from your stash.


Easy Crochet Heart Nesting Baskets

Easy Heart Nesting Baskets

These handmade crochet heart-nesting baskets are a perfect accent for your home. They’re so easy to make you can make several of them in one sitting! I love filling them with adorable Easter eggs or tossing flowers for a pretty display. It makes for the perfect gift, too– add ribbon, and you have a basket full of goodies on its way to someone special! This basket can also be a cute bedside or coffee table decoration.


Crochet Heart Nest Coaster

Heart Nest Coaster

Turn your heart-shaped nest into a coaster with this quick pattern. Whether you’re looking for a cute Valentine’s Day gift or want to add love-themed decor throughout the year, this Heart Nest Coaster will surely do the trick! Use our free crochet pattern to make one for yourself and your loved one today. It’s a great way to add fun and unique décor throughout the year.


Pineapple Crochet Nesting Bowls

This pattern is for a set of three nesting bowls that are perfect for playtime, stacking, and sorting. This is a great alternative to plastic bowls which may be unhealthy for children to chew on. These amazing crochet baskets are made with 100% cotton yarn, so they are washable, durable, and safe. This is the perfect pattern to create the ultimate gift for a new baby or new mom! This nesting bowl pattern is a simple and easy crocheting project that will make any kitchen colorful! Make them in bright colors, or go neutral. It’s up to you!


Sweet Stripes Hanging Baskets

Sweet Stripes Hanging Baskets

How cute are these hanging baskets? This one is made with lightweight Worsted Weight yarn, so you could use it to store your favorite bath and beauty essentials or create multiples and string them together to make a fun garland. They are the perfect size to store your yarn and supplies. Perfect for beginners in the craft…or even expert crocheters! I believe that these baskets will make the perfect gift for anyone on your list because crocheting a pretty hanging basket is just fun. It is a project that can be accomplished in one afternoon, has a beautiful impact, and will provide years of


Sheep Baa Baa Basket

Sheep Baa Baa Basket

Organize your day with the help of this basket. This basket is easy to make with Bernat Blanket and Bernat Baby Blanket. It’s a fun addition to the nursery or can function as a change station in any room of the house. Quilted and perfect for anyone who loves sheep, this crochet basket is both easy-to-make and practical. Fill this storage basket with washcloths, diapers, toys, and other bathroom items. You’ll never lose your blanket, thanks to the crochet sheep appliqué!


One & Done Hanging Basket Trio

One & Done Hanging Basket Trio

Three baskets Crochet in three amazing styles. This collection of cozy crochet baskets makes one of the sweetest hangings imaginable, and they’re as cord friendly as they are charming. These fun baskets can be made in any size. Changing the size of the afghan yarn and the hook will make a larger crochet basket. Endless possibilities for these colorful little baskets. Use them for gift baskets, plant holders, or just as decorative items around your home.


Beginner Chunky Crochet Basket Pattern

In this beginner crochet pattern, you will learn how to crochet a rectangular basket with handles that can be made with any type of yarn and any size hook. Gather your yarn and hook and let’s get started – the basket we are making in this tutorial uses the same base -or “foundation” – stitches as a scarf. As you progress through the pattern, you work on both sides at the same. Each chunky basket is fashioned with the trinity stitch. The name undoubtedly comes from the fact that it combines single crochet, double crochet, Wcs, and another single crochet all in one stitch. What you get is a lovely open weave.

Chunky Crochet Basket – Free Pattern

Create your own basket design by changing the yarn and hook, varying the color work (or leaving it off altogether), and adding an edging around the base, handle, or both. Don’t you just love the texture this free pattern makes? I do hope that you like it too! Perfect for storing hats, scarves, and mittens. The “diagonal chevron” stitch pattern gives this basket a beautiful texture, and the gorgeous combination of colors makes it a stylish accessory for any room.

Cute Crochet Bunny Basket Cute Bunny Basket Crochet Pattern

Show your love for crocheting projects at different events of the year and bring versatility to your home decor. It’s a wonderful and interesting project that will add colorful charm to your Easter table. It can also be used as a gift basket in spring or Easter time and put or store different items!


Pandemic Easter Basket

Pandemic Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

In this pandemic, when everyone is facing COVID-19, it’s risky to go out and buy new things from the market. So, you can crochet items for the need of your own, like this basket pattern. It’s a straightforward and beginner-friendly project that will not only be a perfect mobile-storage space but also give your home decor a crafty look!


Chevron Basket

Chevron Basket Crochet Pattern

Want a big storage idea to declutter your home from unwanted or needy stuff? This Chevron Basket Pattern will make your home well-organized and stunning. It has an elegant color combination and a beautiful stitch texture that make this basket gorgeous. You can go with matching colors of your interior, so it might look more fascinating and mind-blowing and complete your room decor!


Macrame Cord Basket

Macrame Cord Basket Crochet Pattern

Go with bold colors and make your dull space bright and lovely with this Macrame Cord Basket. It’s effortless and quick to do a project that will add a handmade touch to your home. You could put all of your small projects like hooks, pencils, or even sewing threads in it. Due to Macrame Cord and Single Crochet Cross Stitch’s usage, it works up quickly and looks so unique and sophisticated!


Crochet Easter Basket

Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

Looking for crochet projects to beautify your Easter this year? If yes, you will not have to go anywhere else because this Easter Basket Pattern will win your heart due to its simple yet charming look and colorful eggs. Chose any of your favorite colored yarn and get started to crochet this basket with your own hands!


Mermaid Easter Basket

Mermaid Easter Basket Crochet Pattern

Make your Easter-decor complete with this Mermaid Easter Crochet Basket Pattern. It is a great combination of crocodile and some other crochet stitches that make beautiful scales to give it a mermaid-themed basket. Its long handle makes it easy to carry, and a hanging tail gives it a mermaid shape. Plus, if you are an aquatic-decor lover, it will also be a great addition to fulfill your desire.


1 Hour Crochet Basket Pattern:

1 Hour Basket Crochet Pattern

Do your stash bin empty by creating something useful and stylish by crocheting this 1 Hour Basket Crochet Pattern. As the name shows, it is a quick crochet project that you can complete within an hour. Use 3 strands of worsted weight yarn together and give your tabletop a colorful and joyful touch!


Teddy Bear Crochet Basket Pattern:

Teddy Bear Basket Crochet Pattern

I love teddy and love to crochet things by inspiring bear ideas. This adorable and stunning crochet teddy bear basket pattern will be a great addition to storage spaces as well as to your home decor. You can place this crochet basket in your kid’s room, so they keep all of their toys, stationeries, or eatable items in it to get all of these things instantly at the time of their need!


Patriotic Crochet Basket Pattern:

Patriotic Basket Crochet Pattern

Whether it is Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or Labor Day, you can show your love for blue, white, and red colors and create so many interesting and useful things. This Patriotic Crochet Basket Pattern would be perfect for going on a picnic and holding snacks, popcorns, or for serving other eatable items. Not only this, but also you can beautify your home decor on Petriotic’s Day with this crochet basket pattern. It’s a straightforward project and does not use too much yarn. So, just grab red, white, and blue strands from your crochet bin or even from your stash bin and get started to crochet this basket!


Bonny Crochet Basket Bag Pattern:

Bonny Basket Bag Crochet Pattern

Are you crafty and love to create unique and useful crochet projects? If yes, then you will surely fall in love with this Bonny crochet basket bag pattern. It’s a really unique design to crochet baskets in a different and versatile way. I love this crochet basket because it can be used as a crochet tote, crochet purse, or even a crochet gift basket. From stationeries to vegetables, you can keep all of your storage-able items in it!


Moroccan Crochet Basket Pattern:

Moroccan Basket Crochet Pattern

This superb crochet Moroccan basket pattern has been created by working in a Moroccan tile stitch. Make this basket pattern using a (k) sized crochet hook in super bulky weight lion brand heartland thick & quick yarn. This yarn gives it extra beauty. Creating this pattern is an easy and time-consuming project. The basket is made, and another layer of crochet is placed on top of it, which gives it more strength and increases its usefulness.


Santa Free Crochet Basket Pattern:

Santa Basket

It’s an exciting basket pattern to make, especially for the beginner. Also, it will be a great gift-giving accessory for your beloved ones. The Santa looks so cute, and in this crochet basket pattern, it becomes more attractive and useful. Make it in super bulky weight-red heart super saver chunky yarn using (I) sized crochet hook. This crochet basket pattern will be perfect for your use at home or while going outside for shopping


Ombre Rectangle Basket Pattern:

Ombre Rectangle Basket

This gorgeous and modern basket pattern is very trending nowadays. Make it to add sophistication to your home office or whatever you want. It looks impressive in a three-layered white and grey shades combination. You will need the super bulky weight hooked spaghetti t-shirt yarn and (n/p) sized crochet hooks for making this. This crochet basket pattern will make by working in three different types of stitches on each colored layer and for the top border.


Woven Look Basket Pattern:

Woven Look Basket Crochet Pattern

Give your loved ones a gift that is both beautiful and useful. In this regard, this woven look crochet basket pattern will be beneficial and the best choice for you. This superb crochet basket pattern has been created using straightforward and basic stitches to be a perfect and straightforward crochet basket pattern for beginners. The unique texture makes it a great addition to any home or office. You will need Bernat blanket yarn and (l) sized crochet hook to make this superb crochet basket pattern. You can also click on the link for more creative information.


Woodland Moss Chunky Basket Pattern:

Woodland Moss Chunky Pattern

You, too, will be annoyed when your yarn skins are scattered here and there, and of course, you will be looking for a basket in which you can put them all together with your hooks. So this woodland moss chunky crochet basket pattern will be fit for your need. The unique texture of this pattern gives it an enchanting look. If you are fond of rustic-styled crocheting, then you will create this crochet basket pattern. To make it, you have to work in super chunky weight lion brand wool-ease thick & quick yarn using (n) sized crochet hook.


Storage Basket Free Pattern:

Free Storage Pattern

Use this beautiful and cozy crochet basket pattern to hold your yarns and all other useful accessories at home. It looks quite impressive because of its unique texture and appearance. Make this crochet storage basket pattern in solid grey colored super bulky weight wool-ease thick and quick yarn using (m/n) sized crochet hook for your use. It will be a superb addition to your home decor. To get more information about this crochet storage basket pattern, follow the below link.


Free Crochet Mini Basket Pattern:

Free Mini Pattern

Try this mini crochet basket pattern to make a beautiful decorative masterpiece for your home. You can make 2-3 copies of this mini basket pattern for your bedroom and beautify your table. Grab the required supplies like two skeins of tina tape yarn from wool and the gang and (I) sized crochet hook and start making this fantastic crochet basket pattern, which can be finished quickly in 20 minutes. For more information about the creation of this crochet basket pattern, follow the below link.


Free Crochet A Simple Basket Pattern:

Free Crochet A Simple Basket Pattern

A basket with handles becomes more useful because you can lift it easily from one place to another. If you are going to the market for shopping, you will find this beautiful simple basket pattern beneficial. The beautification of this crochet basket pattern enhances because of the combination of different colored yarns. The bottom of this basket has been worked in white color, then the grey and black respectively in the upward direction. You’ll need the bulky weight-red heart soft essentials solids yarn and (h) sized crochet hook to make this beautiful crochet basket pattern.


Free Mini Nesting Baskets Pattern:

Free Crochet Mini Nesting Baskets Pattern

Use the leftover pieces of yarn from other crochet projects to make this crochet mini nesting baskets pattern. This crochet basket pattern is made by wrapping the layer of Bernat maker home dec yarn over the plastic canvas, which provides it extra sturdiness. Make this crochet basket pattern to stylize your dining table; it will be a decorative addition to it. You can also visit the below link to access more information about this crochet project.


Free Crochet Basket Pattern:

Free Crochet Basket Pattern

This adorable crochet basket pattern is a variant of the Eastern crochet patterns. It’s a straightforward crochet project, especially for those who don’t have much experience reading the patterns. To make this mini basket pattern, you have to work roundly; for creating bigger-sized baskets, the rounds will increase. Get the Schachenmayr Catania cotton yarn (e) sized crochet hook to make this crochet basket pattern within 10 minutes. Make several copies of it for your use and also to gift to your beloved friends.


Free Crochet Bobble Border Basket Pattern:

Free Crochet Bobble Border Basket Pattern

This crochet bobble border basket looks incredible in a light pink color. The soft texture and the unique combination of stitches make this crochet basket pattern more admirable. You’ll need the per bulky weight Bernat blanket solids yarn and (m/n) sized crochet hook to make this exciting crochet basket pattern. For more instructable information about this crochet project, follow the below link.


Free Crochet Tidy Up Storage Baskets Pattern:

Free Crochet Tidy Up Storage Baskets Pattern

Try this crochet tidy-up storage baskets pattern to add some impressive beautiful masterpieces to your home’s decor. It will be a super stylish gift for your beloved friend. Make this crochet basket pattern in different colored super bulky weight paintbox yarns recycled t-shirt yarn using (12mm) crochet hook. It will be an admirable craft, and you’ll enjoy making it. You can also follow the below link to get more information about this crochet project.


Crochet Dip Edge Basket:

Crochet Dip Edge Basket

This beautiful crochet dip edge basket is made by working in the round. In the combination of different attractive colors, this crochet basket pattern looks very cute. Make this adorable basket pattern in Bernat blanket global yarn; it provides this extra beautification and sturdiness pattern. To get more information about these crochet basket pattern’s making, follow the below-affiliated link.


Crochet Classic Easter Basket Pattern:

Crochet Classic Easter Basket Pattern

Easter is an occasion full of colors, happiness, and joy. Everyone gives special gifts to his/her beloved ones on this day; in my opinion, gifts have to be useful and pretty; in this regard, this crochet basket pattern will be the perfect choice for you. It has been made in the layer-by-layer color combination of Bernat Softee baby cotton yarn using a (g/h) sized crochet hook. It will also be a beautiful crochet accessory to beautify your home for the holy easter.


Free Crochet Cutest Mini Basket Pattern:

Free Crochet Cutest Mini Basket Pattern

The free crochet cutest mini basket pattern is very easy and quick to make. This crochet pattern is the best way to use the remaining yarn o other projects. The crochet mini basket pattern is a charming and adorable pattern for you and your baby. You can say that this pattern is perfect for storing small but essential things like little balls, yarns, skeins, and other stationery. Habu Textile Yarn is used to make this pattern. Moreover, click below for more info.


Free Crochet Nautical Basket Pattern:

Free Crochet Nautical Basket Pattern

The main thing about this pattern is its color combination, which bold up its beauty. This crochet nautical basket pattern is a very unique and gorgeous pattern of crochet. You can modify the sizes and colors without any restriction, as you want, according to your taste. In conclusion, this crochet basket pattern is the best way to organize your home quickly. You will get the free design of this basket with a single click on the below link.


Free Crochet The Frosted Basket Pattern:

Free Crochet The Frosted Basket Pattern

If you are looking for an adorable and cute basket that organizes your home beautifully and collects your essential things, this frosted crochet basket is the perfect pattern. This crochet basket pattern is the best way to make your basket for your home organization and decoration. Here, the basket pattern used different shades of yarn, which is loo gorgeous. Click below for more info.


Crochet Elephant Basket Pattern:

Crochet Elephant Basket Pattern

The basket is the best choice to lift your useful things with yourself, and this crochet elephant basket pattern with the addition of the elephant’s facial expression is the cute one in this regard. You can use pink-colored Bernat yarn and (J) sized crochet hook to make this crochet basket pattern. This crochet basket pattern will be a beautiful selection for your baby to keep its pencils or gift to your friend. Moreover, more information about this crochet elephant basket pattern is available with a single click on the below link.


Rectangle Basket Pattern:

Crochet Rectangle Basket Pattern

The rectangle basket pattern in grey and white color combination will be an impressive addition to your home’s decor. This pattern is handy for you because you can keep your skeins of yarn in it, and other things of your everyday use. This beautiful crochet basket pattern-making requires Hooked Zpagetti yarn, (N), and (P) sized crochet hooks. Moreover, you can find more useful information about the basket pattern by a click on the below link.


Crochet Nautical Basket Pattern:

Crochet Nautical Basket

The nautical basket pattern is a unique one because of its beautiful blue-white lining, and the metal badge on it enhances the attraction of this basket pattern. This crochet pattern is straightforward to make; you have to avoid the super-soft yarn; you can use Bulky yarn of any color and (H),(I) crochet hooks. Also, this crochet pattern is a very inspiring one for beginners. However, you can get complete information about this crochet pattern with just a single click on the below link.


Free Lovely Basket Pattern:

Crochet Lovely Basket Pattern

The basket pattern made with the different color combinations is always a fun project for crocheting this crochet lovely basket pattern. This basket pattern is very easy to make. You just need Bernat Home decor yarn, (J) sized crochet hook, and brief knowledge about crochet stitches. In conclusion, this crochet pattern will be a perfect gift for your beloved ones to keep useable things in it and will be a beautiful addition to their home decor. Above all, you can get more information by following the below link.


Free Belly Basket Pattern:

Crochet Belly Basket Pattern

The crochet belly basket pattern is the most comfortable crocheted basket. It is made in rounds using some simple stitches; even beginners can make this pattern if dedicated. This crochet pattern can be used to keep your crochet blankets or other useful things on it. Its size is quite significant. The brown-white color combination makes this pattern very beautiful. The Worsted weight yarn and (J) sized crochet hook are used in making this crochet bag pattern. Moreover, you can visit the below-given link to get more information about this crochet bag pattern.


A Simple Basket Pattern:

A Simple Basket Crochet Pattern

This lovely basket pattern will be a magnificent addition to your home decor. It will be much more useful also when you go outside the home for shopping or a picnic. This basket is massive in size, so it can easily lift many supplies of your need along with you. You can make it in Bernat Softee chunky solids yarn with the (h) sized crochet hook. Add handles to your basket to it will further enhance the beautification and useability of your basket. If you’re a beginner at crocheting, lift your skills simply to advance by following this superb crochet pattern.


Maja Basket Pattern:

Maja Basket

Make an easy crochet basket pattern for your use by following this pattern. This basket looks so cute because of the softest yarn and the tassels hanging on both sides. It is specially designed to use indoors to place magazines, kids’ toys, and other household things. Make some samples of this crochet basket pattern for your use and also to gift your beloved ones. Get the super bulky weight Lion brand wool-ease thick & quick yarn and (n/p) sized crochet hook to make this cute crochet basket.


Storage Basket Pattern:

Storage Basket

Work in lion brand wool-ease thick and quick yarn to make this easier and quick crochet basket pattern for your use. It looks so impressive in any home’s decor; you can also use this basket to hold the skeins of yarn and hooks. The softness of this crochet basket pattern makes it gentle on hands. Make this fantastic bucket at home for your use. You will surely admire the beautification and useability of it. One tip for this pattern is to use more quantity of yarn to enhance its sturdiness of it further.


Easy Crochet Basket Pattern With Craft Cord:

Easy Crochet Basket With Craft Cord

This beginner-friendly crochet basket pattern can be easily made within an hour. Its beautification and softness add a lot to this crochet pattern. You can use the 6mm bonnie craft cord and (19mm) crochet hook to bring this fantastic basket to your life. The size of this basket pattern is easily customizable; you can also make it in small and big sizes according to your needs by following our instructions. It will be a perfect decorative addition to your home, and it will also be useful to give as a gift to your special friends.


Spike Stitch Baskets Crochet Pattern:

Spike Stitch Baskets

Make a stunning pair of beautiful baskets by following this unique design. This pattern’s beautiful color combination makes it look so meritorious that every viewer can’t stop himself from admiring these baskets. This spike stitch basket pattern can be worked up easily in bulky weight Bernat maker home dec using (h) sized crochet hook. You can also use different combinations of colors, but the appearance given in the pictures is fabulous. For more information about this crochet pattern, click on the below link.


Easy Modern Storage Basket Pattern:

Easy Modern Storage Basket

Who can refuse to have a beautiful crochet basket like this? Because of its uniqueness and coziness, it looks so impressive; you can use this basket pattern to add beautification to your home and keep your things in place. This pattern is also beginner-friendly and perfect for learning some advanced crocheting skills. The DK weight paintbox cotton yarn and (4.5 mm) crochet hook will require to make this crochet basket pattern. Click on the below link to get more information about this pattern.


Simple Storage Basket Crochet Pattern:

Simple Storage

If you are also fond of decorating your home with handmade accessories, you must try this basket pattern. The superbly soft chunky yarn and the beautiful color combinations make this basket add a magnificent masterpiece to your home decor. You can use this crochet basket to keep your skeins of yarn and hooks in place. It will also be a perfect choice to stylize your bedroom elegantly.


Three Little Bowls Crochet Pattern:

Three Little Bowls Crochet Pattern

Have you ever crocheted a bowl? If not, try this crochet basket, make it in smaller sizes, and give it a superb unique look like a bowl. You can add it to your home accessories for decorations and make a unique appearance at the dining table and guest rooms. According to your desire, you can make them in different sizes. It’s a golden chance for beginner crocheters to practice something new and unique, like a magic ring. The Aran weight yarn and ( 4.5mm, 6mm & 7mm) crochet hook will require to make this crochet basket pattern.


Mini Nesting Baskets

Mini Nesting

The nests are not only the bird’s shelter houses; you can also make them on your own with crochet threads. The softness and coziness of this crochet nesting basket pattern will make it you’re favorite. If you have a crocheter friend on your friend list, it will be a useful gift for him. It will express your superb crocheting skills and will be admired by him. The whole basket has been crocheted in the same stitch; only a bit is changing at the border. For more information about the construction of this basket pattern.


Blue Coast Basket

Blue Coast Basket Crochet Pattern

This fantastic crochet coast basket looks impressive; it gives a delightful appearance in any home’s decor in different shaded colors. It is so useful because it has small-sized handles on the top you can lift easily. You can use different contrast of colors, but the white-blue-grey combination looks incredible. Make this masterpiece for your home decor in super bulky weight yarn using a (6mm) crochet hook. It will be a less time-consuming and fun craft.


Color Wheel Basket

Color Wheel Basket Crochet Pattern

Are you looking to replace the plastic baskets with some adorable crocheted baskets? Then try this color wheel basket pattern; it is massive in size, so you can easily put several things or clothes in it and lift them along with you. The mixed color design of this pattern gives an incredibly unique look to this basket. You can make this basket pattern to beautify your home and also to gift your beloved ones. Get the solid yellow-colored lion brand 24/7 cotton yarn and (g) sized crochet hook to make this crochet basket pattern.


Beverly Bulky Yarn Basket

Beverly Bulky Yarn Basket Crochet Pattern

You’ll love this easy and simple basket pattern because of the unique design and the stitches used to make it. If you also have the problem of wandering your yarn skeins here and there. If and want to keep them in place, then surely you will need this basket pattern. Make this crochet basket pattern in bulky weight acrylic nylon blend using a (5mm) crochet hook; this color will further enhance your basket’s beautification. You will have to work with the flat single crochets for the bottom of this basket pattern, and the sides of this basket have been worked up using crunch stitch (an alternate of half double crochet with a slip stitch).


Boho Baskets:

Boho Baskets Crochet Pattern

These boho baskets will be the most fabulous design of basket patterns you have ever made. The beautiful color of this basket pattern gives the appearance like it is crochet in jute. So if you’re looking for a unique addition to your home decor, try this crochet basket pattern. Every visitor at your home will request you to make one copy of it for him/herself. Take the natural twine yarn in light shiny brown color and the (4.5)mm crochet hook to make this fantastic-looking basket.


Simple Basket:

Simple Basket Crochet Pattern

Make a cute small-sized simple basket pattern by following this pattern to keep the teddies and amigurumi in it. This basket will be a beautiful decorative addition to your home and will also be best to keep the skeins of yarn and the hook in it. It looks super adorable because a huge basket inspires it with a handle pattern. Make some copies of it for your home; within a single day, you will also have enjoyed making it. You can use any kind of yarn, but the Hobbit cotton 8/8 yarn is perfect for this basket because it is too soft.


Forest Basket

Forest Basket Crochet Pattern

Happy earth day! If you want to do something to keep your beloved planet safe, so the best idea would be to raise awareness about reusable basket patterns instead of plastic bags. You can also make some copies of this forest basket crochet pattern in this regard. Use it to enhance your home’s decorations and gift your fellows and friends to lead the campaign for green earth. Get the wool and the gang jersey yarn and (p-q) sized crochet hook for making this crochet basket pattern.


Dinosaur Basket

Dinosaur Basket Crochet Pattern

It’s quite a fun project to crochet the cute dinosaurs expression on the basket; you can work super easily on this basket pattern. You just have to work on a flat solid colored bottom, then the increasing top-bottom technique to get this gorgeous basket pattern. So, in my opinion, don’t water your time; get the lion brand hometown yarn, (l) sized crochet hook, and start making this crochet basket pattern for your home. You can use it as a toy basket or a decorative piece, and whatever you want, it is best from every perspective.


Easy Little Baskets

Easy Little Pattern

Utilize your basic crocheting skills to bring this cute-looking basket pattern to your life. You just need one skein of yarn in the main color, and a small amount of yarn in different colors; also, the leftover yarn from other projects is acceptable. You can easily cuddle up this basket pattern using the worsted weight yarn and (g/I) sized crochet hook. Make some copies of this crochet basket pattern for your use and also to gift your beloved friends.


Herringbone Hanging Basket:

Herringbone Hanging Basket

Spruce up your space with these crochet basket patterns in 5 different sizes. These are perfect to stylize any corner of your home; whether you want to store keys, hanging plants, or any other kind of stuff, these will go perfectly. Just make your home season or any occasion ready with these handmade crochet basket patterns.


Movie Night Gift Basket:

Movie Night Gift

Make your movie time more delightful and enjoyable by using this Movie Night Gift Basket. Keep all of your eating items in it and gift it to your beloved ones when watching a movie or using it yourself. You can also use it in your own home while watching the tv. You can personalize it by changing the color combination. The red stripes make it gorgeous and stunning, but you can match colors to your interior too.


Make a Crochet Basket

Utilize your free time to make something amazing and useful. This basket pattern will be a great addition to your home decor and a perfect idea to make a handmade storage space. It’s a perfect beginner-friendly project because it works up quickly and doesn’t use too much time.


My Cherry Basket

My Cherry Crochet Basket Pattern

What a gorgeous and stunning pattern to make a cute mini basket. Its beautiful and fruity pattern is famous among people, and sturdy yarn gives it a perfect finishing look. Ensure that its sides stand up straight because this quality makes it a perfect cherry basket, and sturdy yarn works great for this purpose.


Yarn Storage Basket Pattern:

Yarn Storage Pattern

Make this crochet basket to store your yarn or to put other stuff in it. It is just an outstanding crochet project that you can use even from leftover yarn. Because the use of yarn in different colors gives it such an amazing look, the use of the jumbo weight basket makes it easy to work up quickly.


Recycled Denim Basket

Recycled Denim Crochet Basket Pattern

If you have old denim, then don’t think about throwing it in your dash bin. Just bring it to use by making this recycled denim crochet basket with your own crocheting techniques. Trust me; it would not take a lot of time for completion, which means within a few hours, you will get a beautiful new crochet basket from your useless old denim.


Super Simple Triangle Basket

Super Simple Triangle Pattern

These crochet basket patterns are great for storage solutions for different places. Using beautiful and bold colors of these circle, square and heart-shaped baskets make them attractive for kids too. So, you can place them in your kid’s room to keep their toys or other mini items in them. Plus, you can also use these baskets to identify the different geometrical shapes.


Teardrop Hanging Basket

Teardrop Hanging Pattern

Make these airy and lacy baskets to hang lightweight items like air plants or plushies in them. These baskets use basic stitches, which means these are not difficult to crochet. Just use your favorite colors to build up these baskets.


Fuzzy Basket:

Free Crochet Fuzzy Basket Pattern

If you are looking for a decorative storage basket, then these fuzzy basket patterns would be a great addition to your home in this regard. Crocheting these baskets is such a fun and scrubby yarn that gives them a funky and fuzzy look. This yarn can be found in so wide varieties and colors that you can choose the color according to your own desire.


Ho Ho Ho Basket

Ho Ho Ho Pattern

It is a gorgeous and stunning crochet pattern that will make big storage in your home and add beautiful decor to your spaces. Its beautiful stitch texture and amazing color combination are the main qualities of this basket that differentiate it from other crochet basket patterns. The addition of pom-poms increases its charm and beautifies its look.

ravelryFree Crochet Basket Patterns

 Give your home a rustic look and add a really creative organizing idea to your home storage with this Felted Crochet Basket With Handles Free patterns. Although it’s a simple crochet basket, it still has the ability to beautify any corner of your home. The addition of leather straps makes it handy and easy to grip. Overall, it’s such a lovely and elegant crochet basket.

 Try this lovely and adorable Free Crochet Fair Isle Basket Pattern to hit the fantastic decor of your home and put all of your needy things in one place. It’s fascinating and fun to crochet and will not take a lot of time for yours to complete. You can choose the color contrasts according to your wish and desire. Display it in any corner of your home to make it more appealing and functional, from the kitchen to the bathroom

Crochet Basket Patterns

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