5 Free Crochet Holiday Hat Patterns


The crochet accessories are perfect to use all over the year, as most of the part of our year consists of the cold season, so we must have some adorable crochet hat patterns for ourselves. In holidays, we stay at home and want to keep ourselves warm and relaxed, so this collection of crochet holiday hat patterns will be helpful for you to select some adorable hats, in this perspective. Show your crafty skills over yarn and hook and start making some remarkable and useful crochet holiday hat patterns for yourself.

This superb collection covers all the holidays around the year; you will find crochet holiday hat patterns for Christmas, Halloween, and many more other holidays. As the most significant holiday for us is Christmas which gives us about two weeks off, so most of these patterns are regard to Christmas, because of its preference over other holidays. So, just scroll down and make holidays remarkable and comfortable for your family and ownself by following this series of crochet holiday hat patterns.

Make your holidays beautiful with some cute handmade wearing, this list of crochet holiday hat patterns are compiled here to keep you cozy for holidays.

Turkey Hat Crochet Pattern:

Turkey Hat Crochet Pattern

Kids always love designer and colorful things, no matter what the situation is! So, this design’s hat hit for your kids that will captivate their hearts. The colorful stripes and pompoms on this hat highlight its beauty. The crochet hat’s design is beautiful as well as warm, which will keep your children away from winter diseases like flu, cough, and headache. This hat specially made for toddlers. Wearing it will make them feel comfortable and relaxed. If you also want to make a beautifully designed Turkey crochet hat for your children, then you can use weighted worsted yarn and (H/I) sized hook.


Bobbles Santa Crochet Holiday Hat Pattern:

Bobbles Santa Hat Crochet Pattern

Christmas is coming, and you want to give a special surprise to your family and friends? This crochet bobbles stripes hat will be a suitable gift for them. A stunning and attractive design with beautiful bobbles stripes that will make your guests and friends gorgeous. You can use amendment to their sizes according to the size of the user in which they could feel comfortable and relaxed. Wearing it will increase their happiness. You will need intermediate crocheted skills to make this hat. If you love this crochet hat and want to create it, then you will require worsted yarn for this hat.


Little Santa Sack Crochet Hat Pattern:

Little Santa Sack Hat Crochet Pattern

Hi, crochet lovers! I’m so excited you to introduce the little Santa sack hat, which is a beautiful and adorable design. The color combination of red and white with a pompom on both sides of the top of this Christmas hat will double the joy of your Christmas. You can change sizes according to your will. If you want to do this small project at the holidays of Christmas, then you will need (lion brand Vanna’s choice) white and scarlet yarn and (I) sized hook.


Christmas Vacation Beanie Crochet Pattern:

Christmas Vacation Beanie Crochet Pattern

The Christmas hat is made with a warm flip-up corner and lights around the body of the crochet hat. The attractive and beautiful crochet beanie has been worked-up with puff stitches, which will further enhance its beauty. As well as being stylish, Christmas vacation beanie is too warm, which will keep your head covered and will protect you from getting cold. The white hat and black pompom collectively give it a sophisticated look. If you want to make your free time valuable; so this hat is the best choice for you. You will need caron naturally soft party yarn and (g) sized hook to make this hat.


Halloween Black Cat Crochet Hat Pattern:

Halloween Black Cat Hat Crochet Pattern

Halloween festival is near! Everyone will be busy making something to make this festival memorable. So I want to show you a crochet cap that your kids will love to wear. Everything in the Halloween festival is produced in orange & black color, so this hat color is also orange and black in the same color style. The round orange stripe on the black hat makes it even more fascinating. Intermediate crocheting skills, (I) sized hook and worsted yarn will be required to stitch this hat. You can customize its shapes according to gender-wise.



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