Free Crochet Ball Patterns


We mostly make the crochet ball patterns to use as a component of different projects. Like when you’re crocheting a bear, you will have to make the crochet ball patterns for the head, tummy, and other decorations of your teddy. On the other hand, crochet ball patterns can also be used as beautiful decorative masterpieces. These given below patterns are best for the creation of a less time-consuming crochet gift and to give your beloved ones a pleasing handmade accessory. Get the inspiration from this collection of crochet ball patterns for some unique decorative additions in your home decor. All these crochet patterns require less amount of yarn, so will prove best for inexpensive and gorgeous decorative additions in or home. For any further queries about these crochet ball patterns, you can also follow the below-associated links.

Get some fantastic ideas for your home decor, and to make playable cute items for your baby, by having a go through this series of crochet ball patterns.

Beach Ball Softie Crochet Pattern:

Beach Ball Softie Crochet Pattern

A cute crochet ball pattern with the cutest facial expressions on it will prove best to give as a gift to your beloved baby. It gives the appearance like a cute and innocent teddy bear and will bring a smile on every face who sees it. Take the worsted-weight lily sugar cream solids & denim yarn and (h) sized crochet hook and start making this magnificent crochet ball. Once you make this ball pattern, your baby will love it, and you surely have to make more copies of it.


Amish Puzzle Ball Crochet Pattern:

Amish Puzzle Ball Crochet Pattern

Children love the puzzle ball, how cool it would be to create a ball with crochet threads. Get inspiration form this Amish puzzle crochet ball pattern for making a playable crochet accessory for your baby. You have to work in three separate sections then assemble them together to make this stunning crochet ball pattern. Use different color combinations according to your desire, but the blend of blue-pink gives an excellent appearance. Get the Aran weight premier yarns everyday worsted solids yarn and (g) sized crochet hook in your crafty hands and start making this crochet ball pattern.


Pokemon Ball Crochet Pattern:

Pokemon Ball Crochet Pattern

Pokemon is the most favorite cartoon series of children nowadays. This cute crochet ball pattern is made by following that t.V series, this pattern is very trending in Japanese, greek, and almost all the coasts of the world. It has a unique color range which makes it a bit fancy and sophisticated creation. To make this crochet ball pattern, get the fingering weight Kirov yarn mills camomile yarn (1.0 /1.25 ) mm crochet hook; and follow the instructions given here.


Free Crochet Spin Balls Pattern:

Free Crochet Spin Balls Pattern

This gorgeous crochet ball pattern is quite fun to create and will also magnify your crocheting skills too much. If you don’t have the experience of crochet using a spiral technique, then surely there is something fabulous waiting for you. The only trick you have to follow is; to carefully handled the different colored yarn and prohibit the tangle of colors. Get the required yarn and hook and start making this crochet ball pattern by following our instructions. It can also be the perfect accessory for giving a gift to your beloved ones.


Free Crocheted Balls Pattern:

Free Crocheted Balls Pattern

A crocheted ball made with the softest yarn and sing gentle color combinations can be proven best for giving a gift for baby showers and other special occasions. Make crochet balls in different sizes using sport weight blue sky’s skinny cotton yarn and (d) sized crochet hook. The use of this cotton yarn will enhance the beautification of your crochet balls; and will also enhance the useability and coziness of your finished balls.



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