Unique Crochet Summer Flower Top Pattern

Summer Flower Top

This Summer Flower Top isn’t just another item for your crochet works; it’s a colorful and textured piece that brings the classic granny square to life. This top is perfect for relaxing by the beach or chilling out in your backyard, giving your outfit a special touch only handmade can provide. So, let’s get into making this eye-catching top!

Crochet Summer Flower Top

Summer Flower Top

We’ll go through everything you need, like materials and tools, and then I’ll show you, step by step, how to make it from the beginning to the end.

Materials and Specifications


  • Crochet hook 3.0 mm or 3.5 mm


  • Scheepjes Stone Washed – River Washed yarn pack (Alternatively, Scheepjes Stone Washed or Scheepjes River Washed yarn balls can be purchased separately)
  • Novita Cotton Soft in color “noki” (099): 2 balls for size XS/S, 2-3 balls for size S/M, or other black DK/sport-weight yarns such as Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton DK or Drops Safran.


  • US terminology is used throughout.
  • The finished size for XS-S is approx. 71 cm around the waist (unstretched), and for S-M, approx. 80 cm (unstretched). The side length of a smaller square measures 11.5 cm, with a diagonal of 15 cm.

Flower Granny Square Pattern

Starting the Square: Begin with a magic loop using your first color.

Round 1: Chain 4 (this counts as the first treble crochet). Insert a treble crochet into the loop, forming a cluster, then chain one. Repeat the 2-tr-cluster 10 more times within the loop, closing each cluster with a chain. Seal the round with a slip stitch.

Change Color

Round 2: Slip stitch into the space between clusters, then chain 3 (counts as the first double crochet). Form a 2-dc-cluster between the first and second clusters from round 1, close with a chain, and then chain one. Perform two 2-dc-clusters in the next space. Continue this pattern around the square, closing the round with a slip stitch.

Change Color

Round 3: Following a similar method, create 3-dc clusters around, utilizing the spaces in between the clusters formed in round 2.

Change Color to Black

Round 4 introduces 3-dc-shells and 3-tr-shells strategically placed to form the square’s final shape. Complete the pattern as indicated.

Round 5 (For S/M Size Only): Repeat the pattern of round 4 to accommodate a larger size.

Complete a total of 12 squares, following the specific color combinations detailed.

Flower Granny Triangle Pattern

The triangle component starts similarly with a magic loop.

Triangle Round 1: Like in the square, begin with chain 4 (the first treble crochet), followed by a treble crochet cluster and chain one. Create 4 more 2-tr-clusters within the loop, completing the triangle’s base.

Proceed with two more rounds to complete the triangles, changing the colors as per the pattern instructions.

Joining Granny Squares and Triangles

Assemble the squares and triangles according to the finished layout. Carefully join each piece, ensuring colors match and the overall design stays coherent.

Straps and Finalizing Edges

Attach straps at designated points for a secure fit, and meticulously work the edges to give your top a polished look.

Crochet Summer Flower Top

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