How To Crochet Pentagon Ball In Amazing Colors

The Crochet Pentagon Ball pattern is a true example of beauty and creativity that comes from the art of crochet. This pattern showcases not just skill but also the wonderful imagination of its creator, resulting in a charming and unique piece that stands out in any collection. Its delightful shape and design invite both admiration and inspiration, making it a perfect project for enthusiasts looking to add an exceptional item to their crochet achievements. The Crochet Pentagon Ball is indeed a splendid example of how traditional crafting can bring about modern marvels.

Crochet Pentagon Ball

Pentagon Ball


  • Crochet Hook: 3.5-mm (E/4 US, 9 UK)
  • Yarn: DK (3, Light) Weight Yarn, specifically Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/6 (115 yds / 105 m per 50 g)
    • For the large ball:
      • Pastel Pink (43) – 41.6 yds (38 m)
      • Rose (44) – 41.6 yds (38 m)
      • Pastel Purple (41) – 41.6 yds (38 m)
      • Baby Blue (32) – 41.6 yds (38 m)
      • Natural White (2) – 9.2 yds (8.4 m)
    • For the small ball:
      • Baby Blue (32) – 26.2 yds (24 m)
      • Dusty Light Green (75) – 26.2 yds (24 m)
      • Pastel Yellow (53) – 26.2 yds (24 m)
      • Peach (49) – 26.2 yds (24 m)
      • Natural White (2) – 9.2 yds (8.4 m)
  • Other: Tapestry Needle


  • Large Ball: 6.5″ (16.5 cm) in diameter
  • Small Ball: 5.5″ (14 cm) in diameter


  • Gauge is not crucial for this project.

Pentagon Ball Pattern

Crochet Pentagons

  1. For Small Ball: Crochet 3 rounds of the solid pentagon pattern.
  2. For Large Ball: Crochet 4 rounds of the solid pentagon pattern.

Use as many colors as you like. For both balls, the pattern suggests using 4 colors and making 3 pentagons in each color.

Sewing Ball Stuffing

  1. Sew a customized fabric ball to contain all the stuffing inside. This will prevent stuffing from peeking through the crochet stitches.
  2. Measure the side of your crochet pentagons. Add 0.8″ (2 cm) on each side for seam allowance.
  3. Draw your pentagon pattern based on these measurements and sew your ball accordingly.


  1. Divide your crochet pentagons into two groups of 6, arranging them into two flowers. Pay attention to color arrangement to avoid matching adjacent colors.
  2. Join the sides of the pentagons that are next to each other using the flat slip stitch (zipper join) or your preferred seaming method, creating two half-balls.
  3. Place the two semispheres around your fabric ball so that the free tips of the pentagons on one half sit in between two pentagons on the other half.
  4. Using the slip stitch joining method, join the two halves following the pattern’s schematic representation. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

The crochet Pentagon Ball is now complete!


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