Crochet Mini Purse For Beginners

Mini Purse For Beginners

Create your own beautiful Crochet Mini Purse Bag with this easy tutorial. This pattern is perfect for those who love the chunky texture but want to achieve it with regular yarn. By folding the yarn to create three strands, you can crochet a sturdy, no-lining-required mini purse using your basic crocheting supplies. This eco-friendly fashion accessory is a trendy piece and a fun way to exercise your crochet skills, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter.

Crochet Mini Purse

Making of Crochet Mini Purse Bag

Here, you can find all the necessary materials and a summary of how to make a crochet Mini Purse pattern.


  • A regular skein of yarn
  • An 8mm crochet hook

Pattern Summary

To make an adorable and chunky mini purse, you can use a simple technique that doesn’t require cutting the yarn multiple times. This makes it perfect for beginners. The project uses a whole roll of regular-sized yarn. By folding the yarn, you can create chunky strands that are tripled up and used throughout the pattern. The firmness of the yarn eliminates the need for lining.

To start, create a slip knot using all three strands. Then, chain 18 stitches to form the base width of the purse. The body of the purse is worked up in rounds using basic crochet stitches such as slip stitching, single crochet, and chaining. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for increasing the corners and transitioning into seamless rounds without using slip stitches to achieve the correct size. The purse also features a decrease technique for shaping before concluding with a strap crafted using single crochet and chaining towards the main body.

At finishing, you connect the strap using a unique way of slip stitching to make it look smooth, and then you slip stitch over the top edge to make it neat. This thick mini bag is quick to make, about 40 minutes, and you can easily change its size and color, making it a great gift or something to go with any clothes you have.

Crochet Mini Purse For Beginners

Video Tutorial:

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