7 Crochet Makeup Bag Patterns For Storage

Explore this collection of crochet makeup bag patterns that will help you keep your makeup essentials organized and within reach. You can avoid the mess of losing cosmetics with these beautiful handmade makeup bags.

Crochet Makeup Bag Patterns

Are you searching for something unique and perfect for housing your treasured cosmetics? Then your search will end here because we will present you the most trending series of crochet makeup bag patterns. Not only do these patterns offer an opportunity to showcase your crochet skills, but they also provide a chic, handmade storage solution for your makeup essentials. So grab your hooks and prepare to be dazzled by the charming and functional patterns we’ve curated just for you.

Spacious Crochet Makeup Case

Makeup Case

The Crochet More Spacy Makeup Case is a game-changer for beauty experts on the go. Decorated with short threading fingers on the second row of stitches, this big makeup bag is your top partner when preparing customers for their big events. Its spacious design effortlessly adapts all your cosmetics, brushes, and makeup kits in one suitable and stylish package. You will make a texturized rectangular shape with rounded corners; this smart case has a mixed-color border on the front and back, also making rounded rectangles, adding a touch of glamour to your beauty weapons.

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CRocheted Funky Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

Try this two-color Funky makeup bag that combines a simple but good-looking two-color scheme with a user-friendly design. It has a central color similar to tiding ropes, which you will make for easy opening and closing of this bag, and a single coloring on the top and bottom, making it extra appealing. It is much more pretty and practical for storing every bit and piece. You can customize this crochet pattern with different color mixes using the soft and universal King Cole Cottonsoft DK yarn.

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Color Block Makeup Bag:

Colour Block Makeup Bag

The charming Colour Block Make-Up Bag Crochet Pattern combines calming shades of blue, making the bottom and white that creates the upper body of the bag look fashionable. This attractive and handy design improves your makeup storage while adding a touch of class to your everyday life. The unique word plate personalizes your bag to add a spirit of great confidence, and the fun tassel attached has brown-colored leather stripes to highlight your creative side. Besides its beautiful appearance, this crochet pattern is easy and enjoyable.

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Drawstring Makeup Bag

Drawstring Makeup Bag

Check out this wonderful Drawstring crochet makeup bag that will change how you store your beauty products! This bag is trendy and practical with its unique shape and format in which twisted yarn rows will be rounded into a circular shape to make the bag. Pull the tiding ropes to open the bag and find plenty of room for all your makeup items. And to make it even more special, two lovely ornaments hang from the ropes for that extra touch of beauty. Encounter the simplicity and grace of this incredible crochet makeup bag.

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Crochet Colorful Flirty Makeup Clutch

Flirty Makeup Clutch

The Crocheted Flirty Makeup Clutch bag is an essential accessory for shiny people; this gorgeous clutch stands out with its colorful appearance, adding fun and style to any outfit. The unique parrot biscuit-like button keeps your belongings safe and adds a precious touch to this attention-grabbing item. With the surplus of space for makeup, phone, and other essentials, this adaptable clutch is great for daily activities and special nights out that you will make with Red Heart Creme de la Creme yarn. The best element is the beautiful flower applique on the lower corner, adding a touch of grace.

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Crochet Cross Stitch Make-Up Bag

Cross Stitch Make-Up Bag

This pretty Cross Stitch Make-Up Bag is soft and comfy, like a pillow. It has a fancy ornamental zipper and a beautiful design with kite-like sky blue and light purple shapes with attached corners coming after one another on a white textured background; with bag also has a shiny gold bottom. You will make it with a strong, soft yarn called Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn, crocheted by hand with love.

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Crochet Makeup Bag

Make Up Bag

Experience this wonderful crocheted Aunt Lydia’s Make-Up Bag that will help satisfy your crocheting thirst. This masterwork features a mixed multicolor yarn border that you will make with a single rope, adding personality to your makeup items to carry somewhere or to remain at home. This beginner-friendly makeup bag effortlessly combines simplicity and attraction, perfect as a thoughtful gift for a beloved relative or a treat for yourself. The cleverly designed central zip effectively divides the bag into two cozy halves but don’t worry. Both parts remain attached to each other! You will make a good-looking but intricate design in the front region to test your crocheting abilities.

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