Free Crochet Heart With Snowflake Pattern

Free Crochet Heart With Snowflake Pattern

Imagine making your own lovely crochet heart decorated with a tiny snowflake. This amazing accessory is not just simple; it’s fun! Our guide shows you how to create a beautiful heart with a snowflake pattern. We suggest soft and gentle colors, making the heart look cute and inviting. The texture is soft, too, which makes it even more delightful to hold and admire. With our easy pattern, you’ll enjoy adding this charming piece to your crochet collection. It’s a perfect way to make something special and elegant. Start making this adorable crochet heart with a snowflake together!

Crochet Heart With Snowflake Pattern

Free Crochet Heart With Snowflake Pattern

Free crochet pattern by @vezigurumi

Free Crochet Heart With Snowflake Pattern

Heart with Snowflake


  • 3.00 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • red thick yarn
  • stitch determinant


  • Rnd: round
  • sc: single crochet
  • Inc: single crochet increase
  • ch: chain
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • W:3 sc in same stitch
  • (…)*n: repeat the sequence of stitches mentioned in brackets “n” times
  • BP sc: back post single crochet
  • FP sc: front post single crochet

Part 1

Part 1

  • R1: 38ch, 18sc, skip a stitch, 17sc, 1W, 17sc, 1W, 17sc, linc= 78 sc
  • R2: 1inc, 16sc, skip two stitches, 16sc, 3inc, 18sc, 1W, 18sc, 2inc= 85 sc
  • R3: 1sc, linc, 15sc, skip two stitches, 15sc, (1sc, linc)*3, 19sc, 1W, 19sc, (1sc, linc)*2= 91 sc
  • R4: 1inc, 2sc, 14sc, skip two stitches, 14sc, (linc, 2sc)*3, 20sc, 1W, 20sc, (linc, 2sc)*2=97 sc
  • R5: 3sc, linc, 13sc, skip two stitches, 13sc, (3sc, linc)*3, 21sc, 1W, 21sc, (3sc, linc)*2= 103 sc
  • R6: 1inc, 4sc, 12sc, skip two stitches, 12sc, (1inc,4sc)*3, 22sc, 1W, 22sc, (linc, 4sc)*2= 109 sc
  • R7: 109 BPsc
  • R8 -R15 109 sc (8 rounds) (Make FPsc to the loop on the pointy part of the heart) R16: 109 sl st

Part 2

Part 2
1-6 rounds are same as the first part

  • R7: 5sc, linc, 11sc, skip two stitches, 11sc, (5sc, linc)*3, 23sc, 1W, 23sc, (5sc, 1inc)*2= 115 sc
  • R8: 1inc, 6sc, 10sc, skip two stitches, 10sc, (linc, 6sc)*3, 24sc, 1W, 24sc, (linc, 6sc)*2= 121sc
  • R9: 121 BPsc
  • R10-R12: 121sc (3 rounds)
  • R13: 121 sl st

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