5 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns


Snowflakes are one of the most favorite crocheting accessories for those, who have snow falling environment. If you’re also from the northern area you’ll surely have too much love for the cute crochet snowflake patterns. In this regard, I have compiled a magnificent series of crochet snowflake patterns here with just a single click for you.

All the crochet snowflake patterns find in this series have stunning color combinations and fantastic structures. The most beneficial factor is that they are best for beginners to their journey towards pros. Go through this collection of crochet snowflake patterns and just make sure that you have enough snowflakes to beautify your home and also of your at least one best friend. Decorate your home for Christmas and other occasions with these crochet snowflake patterns, make all these patterns so that no one pattern can resemble others in design and shape. It will be an incredible addition to your home’s beautification and will also express your crafty skills to every visitor.

Explore superb ideas for making crochet snowflake patterns, these are perfect to stylize your home decor, in lesser time with uniqueness and happiness.

Motif Snowflake Crochet Pattern:

Snowflake Motif Crochet Pattern

If you love to decor your home and passionate to craft things for the beauty of your dreamland then I assure you that the charm of your home will be enhanced by this snowflake motif. This snowflake is a stunning decorative piece that is made of hexagonal shape that you can hang anywhere with rope. You can make multiple copies of this crochet masterpiece and give it as a gift at Christmas to your families and friends. Making more editions will improve your crocheted skills and encourage you to create more crochet projects.


Snowflake Paros Pattern:

Snowflake Paros Crochet Pattern

Christmas preparation is on its peak, and everyone is trying their best to decorate his home through beautiful small ornaments, do, the crochet snowflake patterns will be the best choice for it. If you are also thinking of making this charming little crochet snowflake Paros then, this is an excellent option for you. The size of this masterpiece can vary because of yarn. This beautiful pattern can be transformed according to your desired color. You can hang it somewhere in the house with the rope or its matching thread. To make this beautiful snowflake crochet duplicate copies and give as a gift at Christmas.


Cushion Crochet Snowflake Pattern:

Snowflake Cushion Crochet Pattern

This beautiful pillow cover is made with a snowflake design, it is the most trending idea among other crochet snowflake patterns and it’s attractive and decorative to watch. It’s a very beginner-friendly project with that you can create cushion cover within two hours. With the help of Garnstudio DROPS Big Delight and Alaska yarn and (h) sized hook, you can make this luxurious and gorgeous decorative cushion. Furthermore, Small projects like this one, are best for the enhancement of your home decoration, which can also improve your crocheted skills. Once you make this pillow cover, I hope you will try to make it with another design because it will touch your heart.


Snowflake Dishcloth Crochet Pattern:

Snowflake Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Crochet snowflake patterns can also be used to beautify your boring dishcloths, this gorgeous pattern is evidence of it. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly project for your holidays with that you don’t want to be bored with it and at the same time you want to improve your skills, then this crochet dishcloth project perfect for you. The Snowflake Dishcloth ornament enhances the beauty of your house or office table. Its lattice design will be very eye-catching, and Every viewer will ask how did you make this masterpiece? You can make this decorative piece using (Bernat Handicrafter Holidays Sparkle) yarn and (H) sized hook.


Ice Scraper Mitt Crochet Pattern:

Snowflake Ice Scraper Mitt

The Snowflake Ice Scraper Mitt has worked with half double crochet technique; by using worsted 100% wool yarn and (f) sized hook. You will have to require basic or intermediate skills to make this crochet mitt snowflake pattern. You can make it quite easily within a half-hour. It is very beneficial in severe cold. You can protect your hands and feet from getting cold. This beautiful crochet snowflake pattern will be a superb choice to beautify your home.



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