Free Crochet Lamb Bag Free Pattern


Are you ready for some fun crafting activity? We will discuss how to make your cute crochet lamb bag pattern. It is great fun to make one, and showing it off when you’re out and about is even more awesome. Plus, this will prove how creative and useful you can be. So get your hooks and yarn ready! Our guide will share the simple steps for making crochet lamb bag pattern. So, get excited and let’s crochet!

Crochet Lamb Bag Pattern

Free Crochet Bags Pattern

Design and pattern by @haffyland

  • Knit Me Mama’s lamb or any brand of teddy yarn
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • Small amount of black thread


  • HDC- half handrail
  • Slst – slip stitch
  • Hdcv – half railing MATERIAL LIST
  • Knit Me Yarn or any brand shaggy yarn
  • 3mm hook
  • A small amount of black yarn


  • HDC-half double crochet
  • Slst – Slip Stitches
  • Hdcinc – half double crochet increase


Make a slst at the end of each round and start a new round with 2ch.

  • 1- Ch22, turn back and starting from 3rd; 19hdc, into same st; 3hdc, continue from other side 18hdc, into last st; 2sc
  • 2- (19hdc, 2hdcinc) * 2 times
  • 3-10 (8 rounds) 46hdc


  • 1- Into MR; 6hdc
  • 2- 6hdcinc
  • 3- (1hdc, 1 hdcinc) * 6 times
  • 4-6 (3 rounds) 18hdc


  • Into MR; 6 single crochet.
  • Sew the eyes and embroider the nose with black yarn.


  • At the end of each round, we tie to the first stitch with 1slst and start the new round with 2ch.
  • 1- 22ch, go back and 19hdc from the 3rd stitch, 3hdc to the same stitch, 18hdc from the opposite side of the stitches, 2hdc to the last stitch.
  • 2- (19hdc, 2hdcv) * 2 times
  • 46hdc between rows 3-10


  • 1- 6hdc into Sh
  • 2- 6hdcv
  • 3- (1hdc, 1hdcv) * 6 times 18hdc between rows 4-6


  • We knit 6 stitches into the sh and sew. We embroider the nose with black thread.


I knitted the strap using the cord technique I always use. You can find the video in my previous posts.
Finally, let’s combine all the pieces, and our bag is ready.

crocheted the bag strap
I crocheted the bag strap using the cord technique. I have previously shared an educational reel on this subject. Finally, sew all the pieces, and the bear bag is ready.

Free Crochet Bags Pattern 1

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