Cute Crochet Cuddle Fish Free Pattern

Free Cuddle Fish Pattern

Imagine making a super cute cuddle fish with your own hands! Our guide is about showing you how to crochet your very own cuddle fish that’s adorable and soft. We’ve ensured the pattern is simple to follow so you can have fun creating these little friends with charming facial expressions. Picture your cuddle fish with a big smile, a wink, or even a surprised look! Our pattern makes bringing these lovely creatures to life easy and enjoyable. Prepare to make an elegant Crochet cuddle fish that’s all your own!

Crochet Cuddle Fish Pattern

Free Crochet Cuddle Fish Pattern

Design and pattern by @crochetedbyel

Free Cuddle Fish Pattern


  • MC – magic circle
  • SC – single crochet INC – increase DEC – decrease
  • SLST – slip stitch
  • FLO – front loop only DC – double crochet
  • HDC- half double crochet


  • Bernat velvet yarn
  • 4 mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Poly-fil
  • stuffing
  • 10 mm safety eyes


  • This pattern is written in US terminology and worked in continuous rounds
  • You can use different yarn/ hook sizes depending on your preference
  • Please do not copy, change, redistribute, or sell this pattern as your own
  • You are allowed to sell the finished product of this pattern
  • If you use this pattern, please credit me as the creator of the pattern



  • R1: sc 7 in mc (7)
  • R2: inc in every st (14)
  • R3: (1 sc. 1 inc) x7 (21)
  • R4: (2sc. I inc) x7 (28)
  • R5: (3sc. 1 inc) x7 (35)
  • R6-11 Sc every stitch (35)
  • R12: (3 sc. I dec) x7 (28)
  • RB: (2 sc. 1 dec) x7 (21)


  • R14: in FLO: (in the same stitch HDC. DC. DC. HDC. in the next stitch sl st) x11


  • Place 2 eyes on row 10. 8 st apart

Bottom Piece:

Bottom Piece

  • Rt sc 7 in mc (7)
  • R2: inc in every st (14) R3: (1 sc. 1 inc) x7 (21)


  • Rt 5 sc in mc (5)


Before assembling your cuddle fish, stuff the body. Sewing on the bottom piece: using a yarn need and the color of your cuddle fish. Sew the bottom piece on the open hole on the bottom of your fish; there will be a line of stitches to sew into near the tentacles. (since we only used the front loops of the stitch to make our tentacles. Use the “exposed” stitches to crochet into).

Sewing on the ears: using a yarn needle and the color of your cuddle fish, sew the ears between rows 5-7.


Blush (optional): Using a yarn needle and pink yarn, and sew two stitches of blush underneath each eye. You should now have a finished cuddle fish; I hope you enjoyed this pattern.


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