7 Crochet Cthulhu Patterns For Toys & Useful Items

Crochet Cthulhu Patterns

Are you ready for a new twist to the figure of Cthulhu? With these crochet Cthulhu patterns, it is no longer a symbol of horror. Instead, you can recreate his 2D look into huggable 3D Cthulhu toys, masks, and bags that every child can now receive without fear. With the same octopus mouth, dragon wings, and body, now will be filled with cuteness and smallness replacing the fear!

Crochet Cthulhu Patterns For Fun Items

7 Crochet Cthulhu Patterns

Lovecraft’s mythos are getting a big moment as these crochet Cthulhu patterns present a friendlier, touchable version of Cthulhu. A crochet amigurumi Cthulhu will be a special gift idea for horror book readers as they can cuddle and play.

These crochet Cthulhu amigurumi free patterns will help you to make in various sizes, from miniatures to larger, and will be useful too. So, Keep reading through our list to find your perfect crochet Cthulhu pattern to add to the collection.

Little Crochet Cthulhu Amigurumi

Little Crochet Cthulhu Amigurumi  

This Cthulhu pattern uses Worsted Weight yarn, such as the luxurious Bernat Waverly. Generously fill your Cthulhu with soft and fluffy fiberfill stuffing, ensuring it stands tall and proud. For a seamless and professional finish, employ curved upholstery needles, a secret weapon that makes joining a breeze. Finally, use a tapestry needle to weave in any loose ends, completing your enchanting Crochet Cthulhu masterpiece.

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Crochet Cuddly Cthulhu

Cuddly Cthulhu

Create your own Cuddly Cthulhu with a Free Pattern, a delightful fusion of cozy charm and mystical wonder. This whimsical project invites you to explore the depths of your creativity as you lovingly crochet a plush, heartwarming companion. With each stitch, you’ll weave a tale of magic and adventure and discover the boundless joy of transforming simple yarn into a cherished keepsake. So, pick up your crochet hook and let the Cuddly Cthulhu Free Pattern guide you on an unforgettable journey of inspiration and self-expression.

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Crochet Cthulhu Amigurumi

Cthulhu Amigurumi

Venture into the mystical realm of crochet with the enchanting Cthulhu Amigurumi Pattern. This captivating project combines the mythical creature with the charm of a cuddly companion. Embellish your creation with two beads or safety eyes, adding depth and character to your amigurumi masterpiece. Now fill your Cthulhu Amigurumi with soft and fluffy polyester fiberfill, bringing your creation to life while providing a plush.

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Crochet Cthulhu Egg Cozy

Cthulhu Egg Cozy

Crochet Cthulhu Egg Cozy is a fun project that adds a touch of magic to your breakfast table. Add a touch of mystique with two small black buttons, and you have done!

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Crochet Cthulhu Ski Mask

Cthulhu Ski Mask

Explore the joy of crafting a unique and spooky crochet Cthulhu mask. Adding a thin, blood-red border around the eye sockets can enhance the suspense and introduce an element of fright, making the mask’s stare more intimidating. This crafty and memorable crochet Cthulhu mask brings a mysterious vibe to any event.

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Crochet Cthulhu dice bag

Cthulhu dice bag

Get creative with this adjustable Cthulhu dice bag project. You can try different yarn types and pick the hook size that matches. For instance, Rob was able to produce an appealing and well-fitted Cthulhu dice bag by using 4-ply yarn and a 3mm hook.

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Crochet Cthulhu


With the Crochet Cthulhu Pattern, you can create a fabulous mythical creature using your crochet skills. This fun project lists all the necessary materials, helping you gather everything you need to bring your fantastic creature to life. The end result? An amazing crochet Cthulhu that will surely attract attention and stir up interesting chats. In short, it’s a perfect image of your love for crochet.

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